Where has the time gone?!

Hey y'all!
I cannot believe how long I let this blog go without writing a post! Shame on me! But, I am happy to say... I am officially done with my first semester of college! And what a semester it was, let me tell you! It started off pretty bumpy for me, I guess you could say I had a hard time transitioning. And as I am still transitioning, it does get better. I made some friends, got involved in clubs and activities, and successfully finished out my finals! College is not easy, especially finals week (ugh!), but I have learned that you have to make the most of it. It was your decision, and it would be silly not to. I am, however, very thankful to be home from winter break! After all that hard work, it is really a nice break, and well needed at best. As I hope to make blogging a bigger priority in my life, (it is going to be one of my new years resolutions), I will be working up some new blogging ideas and hope you all bear with me as I try to make the most of this new found passion of mine!
Stay tuned for whats to come...
XOXO, Kara

Weekend Recap! {October 19th-20th}

Last weekend was a great weekend, mainly because I got to go home! As much as I love being in beautiful upstate New York, some of my favorite fall pastimes take place at home in Massachusetts. I was fortunate enough to be able to go home with my roommate- she lives 45 minutes away from me which is awesome! I also lucked out with perfect weather, and one of my favorite events, the Head of the Charles Regatta, also took place that weekend! I was stoked to say the least! So on Saturday morning my daddy and I headed into Harvard Square, got some Starbucks (this girl had to have her PSL!), and made our way to the river! I love the Head of the Charles because there are so many great companies there giving away samples of their products- and I love free samples! And the races too of course...It's just a fun event all around!
Outfit: Sparkly Dorothy red Toms, American Eagle Jeans, Old Navy top, Michael Kors bag & Watch, Alex and Ani bangles

After spending some time at the race, daddy and I made our way over to catch the last half of the Harvard football game! Then we went out for a lovely dinner at our local pub, and I went out for froyo with one of my friends who goes to college at BC! I love getting to see my friends when I'm home!

On Sunday, daddy and I went apple picking, one of my all time FAVORITE things to do during the fall! I'm also obsessed with apple cider, cider donuts, and picking pumpkins! Can you tell that fall is my favorite season?!
Nails by Julep!

Leggings and top by Old Navy, necklace by Charlotte Russe, MK bag and watch, not pictured: gray Toms

That night, my best friends and I went to Witch's Woods, my favorite halloween amusement park! The haunted hay ride is the best! I was so happy to spend a jam packed weekend full of great fun and memories with my friends and family. There's really nothing I love more! Happy fall!
XOXO, Kara 

Finding Faith Friday: A Little Late Night Chat

I thought I would take this time as I sit in my bed, being the insomniac that I am, to get a few things off of my chest. The past couple days have been a bit blah for me, but luckily I have this space of my own to vent without feeling like a burden to my roommates. That's one thing I hate. Not my roommates, but feeling like a burden. I'm that girl who always keeps all of her feelings to herself because I don't like others to feel that they need to help me through my problems or take them on as their own, I mean everyone has enough of their own problems, don't they? I'll explain my transition to college in a different post, but so far it hasn't been that easy and definitely not what I thought it would be, not to say it's been bad, because that's not the case. I just feel very disconnected from my class. I feel like there are so many people on my tiny campus who I don't know yet or didn't even know existed. And that's terrible. I've been feeling lonely, the couple of people I can call friends still not the perfect people I can connect with. And I know it's only October and I've only been here a month and some change, but do I sound crazy? I'm a ridiculously social person and have a plethora of friends at home, but here I'm still kind of feeling lost. Everyone else seems to have their "group" of friends, or a ton of friends from their sports teams. And that's great! But not for me. And that has left me wondering. Why has this transition been so tough on me and my mentality? How long will it take until I'm finally comfortable in a group of friends? It's times like this when I look into my faith to give me strength. I'm not crazy religious or a consistent church goer, however I find the words of the bible to be so healing, and give me strength. This one really spoke to me today: 

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. Deut. 31:6

As it helps me to speak of this, I still sit here and wonder. And I've been continuously second guessing myself, which I hate. Do I belong here? Did I make the right decision? Is this not the right college for me and I'm just finding this out now? 
I strive for the answer to be no, and I know it is. I'm just working on trying to find more to justify my decision. Every day I seek answers that display to me all the reasons that I've made the right decision. And don't get me wrong, I already have numerous reasons as to why I love it here! I think I'm just struggling so hard to reach a comfort zone.But I know I can get there. I'm determined. It would just be helpful to know I'm not the only one going through this. I need to know I'm not in it alone.I love college, I love my classes, and there are a lot of great people here. I'm ready for what's next, and for the many new great things that are surely to come. 
XOXO, Kara

College Organization: Monogram Binders

Happy Thursday!
College can be exceptionally hectic, especially when you have a million papers for several classes that you are responsible to keep track of. Luckily, I have always been an exceptionally organized person- which has really helped me a lot through my educational career thus far. In high school I used the same binders all 4 years along with the same system of dividers, paper, labeling, etc. My favorite binders are the Avery one- touch 3 ring binders, they are durable and easy to use, and they come in so many fun colors! In high school, I organized my class binders by Taylor Swift albums. That may seem silly, but it was a creative way for me to include a little Taylor Swift in my everyday. She luckily had enough albums for the amount of classes I was taking. I would also color coordinate them, for instance, I paired the "Red" album with a red binder, her self- titled "Taylor Swift" with a green binder, etc. I also labeled each each binder in the "satisfaction" font that is Taylor's signature font! Now that I'm in college, I thought I would take a more mature approach to how I designed and organized my binders, and incorporate my love for Monograms and Lilly! I know, how southern of me! I used a couple of websites which actually provided free binder cover downloads where you could then enter your own monogram! The first website I used was called For Chic Sake  which has a really classy and pretty quatrefoil printable monogram that comes in so many cute color combos! I chose the pink and gray and which is my favorite color combination, as well as the purple and pink! 

The next website I used is called Jessica Marie Design, and she provides numerous Lilly Pullitzer binder covers which you can then customize! I had a really fun time doing this. As a side note, you will need a version of Adobe to be able to read and change the PDF format that these come in. These websites are kind enough to provide these free resources, but they also have many great covers and other things available to buy, and if you love monograms as much as I do then be sure to check it out! 

These are how mine turned out and I've received so many compliments!

To add the name of the class to each binder, I used fairly large sized Avery labels which I then just typed up the name of the class, chose a coordinating color to my binder design, and printed them out! Simple as that! 
These binders really turned out great and I couldn't be happier!

Excuse the bad quality due to the pictures being taken on my phone!

*Disclaimer: I was not paid or sponsored to write this post by any of the companies mentioned above. They are simply companies I have found, utilized and enjoyed. And if I really love something, why not share it? :)


XOXO, Kara

About the name Fearlessly Forward

The name for this blog came to me one day when I asked myself what it is that I love and inspires me. I'll start with this: I like to consider myself Taylor Swift's #1 fan! Not because I'm just some groupie who knows all the words to her songs (which I totally am!) but because her words and songs have helped me through some of the toughest times. Her idea of being fearless and embracing your individuality has certainly been a huge source of encouragement in my life. Her insight allowed me to open my eyes and come to terms with change, something I've always struggled with since my mother passed when I was only 8 years old. It may sound silly to some, but she came into my life right when I needed her to, and her constant advocacy to remain fearless has stuck with me to this day. I continue to move Fearlessly Forward, keeping and using my inspiration and goals to allow me to constantly move forth. Now, this isn't to say that this blog is just a Taylor Swift fan blog, because it's not, at all. She has simply provided me with the inspiration to the name of a blog in which I hope to share my experiences with each and every one of my readers! With that being said, I invite you all to me Fearlessly Forward with me!

XOXO, Kara


Welcome to my blog! 
I started Fearlessly Forward as a way to channel my thoughts and feelings as well as share my experiences with you guys. I'm a Boston girl that is brand new to college, and it's already been quite the ride. I want to share this journey so both myself and others can feel like they are not alone. From my own experience, I know how much it helps to let others in on your journey! As well as college and my life as a young adult, I'm addicted to beauty and makeup! I have been trained in makeup for several years by a certified makeup artist who is lucky enough to be one of my closest friends, however I am not certified myself, just highly knowledgeable! I love to indulge in all things makeup and will be sharing all that I try, use, or love with y'all! Aside from that, I'm also working day by day in finding faith and peace, two things I struggle with yet remain focused on always! I hope to inspire and encourage others through this blog, so I hope you all will follow along! 
XOXO, Kara