Welcome to my blog! 
I started Fearlessly Forward as a way to channel my thoughts and feelings as well as share my experiences with you guys. I'm a Boston girl that is brand new to college, and it's already been quite the ride. I want to share this journey so both myself and others can feel like they are not alone. From my own experience, I know how much it helps to let others in on your journey! As well as college and my life as a young adult, I'm addicted to beauty and makeup! I have been trained in makeup for several years by a certified makeup artist who is lucky enough to be one of my closest friends, however I am not certified myself, just highly knowledgeable! I love to indulge in all things makeup and will be sharing all that I try, use, or love with y'all! Aside from that, I'm also working day by day in finding faith and peace, two things I struggle with yet remain focused on always! I hope to inspire and encourage others through this blog, so I hope you all will follow along! 
XOXO, Kara 


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