College Organization: Monogram Binders

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College can be exceptionally hectic, especially when you have a million papers for several classes that you are responsible to keep track of. Luckily, I have always been an exceptionally organized person- which has really helped me a lot through my educational career thus far. In high school I used the same binders all 4 years along with the same system of dividers, paper, labeling, etc. My favorite binders are the Avery one- touch 3 ring binders, they are durable and easy to use, and they come in so many fun colors! In high school, I organized my class binders by Taylor Swift albums. That may seem silly, but it was a creative way for me to include a little Taylor Swift in my everyday. She luckily had enough albums for the amount of classes I was taking. I would also color coordinate them, for instance, I paired the "Red" album with a red binder, her self- titled "Taylor Swift" with a green binder, etc. I also labeled each each binder in the "satisfaction" font that is Taylor's signature font! Now that I'm in college, I thought I would take a more mature approach to how I designed and organized my binders, and incorporate my love for Monograms and Lilly! I know, how southern of me! I used a couple of websites which actually provided free binder cover downloads where you could then enter your own monogram! The first website I used was called For Chic Sake  which has a really classy and pretty quatrefoil printable monogram that comes in so many cute color combos! I chose the pink and gray and which is my favorite color combination, as well as the purple and pink! 

The next website I used is called Jessica Marie Design, and she provides numerous Lilly Pullitzer binder covers which you can then customize! I had a really fun time doing this. As a side note, you will need a version of Adobe to be able to read and change the PDF format that these come in. These websites are kind enough to provide these free resources, but they also have many great covers and other things available to buy, and if you love monograms as much as I do then be sure to check it out! 

These are how mine turned out and I've received so many compliments!

To add the name of the class to each binder, I used fairly large sized Avery labels which I then just typed up the name of the class, chose a coordinating color to my binder design, and printed them out! Simple as that! 
These binders really turned out great and I couldn't be happier!

Excuse the bad quality due to the pictures being taken on my phone!

*Disclaimer: I was not paid or sponsored to write this post by any of the companies mentioned above. They are simply companies I have found, utilized and enjoyed. And if I really love something, why not share it? :)


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