Where has the time gone?!

Hey y'all!
I cannot believe how long I let this blog go without writing a post! Shame on me! But, I am happy to say... I am officially done with my first semester of college! And what a semester it was, let me tell you! It started off pretty bumpy for me, I guess you could say I had a hard time transitioning. And as I am still transitioning, it does get better. I made some friends, got involved in clubs and activities, and successfully finished out my finals! College is not easy, especially finals week (ugh!), but I have learned that you have to make the most of it. It was your decision, and it would be silly not to. I am, however, very thankful to be home from winter break! After all that hard work, it is really a nice break, and well needed at best. As I hope to make blogging a bigger priority in my life, (it is going to be one of my new years resolutions), I will be working up some new blogging ideas and hope you all bear with me as I try to make the most of this new found passion of mine!
Stay tuned for whats to come...
XOXO, Kara


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