Looking Back... 13 Highlights of 2013

2013 was a jam packed year- the good (and mostly good), a little bit of bad, and not too much ugly. I decided to construct a list of the 13 highlights of my year, and believe me, it was hard to chose because there were so many! 

{1} Getting accepted into college. A lot of them.

{2} Going to Chicago to visit my sister

{3} Successfully completing my senior year and indulging in senior activities

{4} Graduation!

{5} Visiting the 9/11 memorial in NYC

{6} Going to Texas for the first time

{7} Going to the Taylor Swift Concert

{8} Visiting the Lake- my happy place

{9} Going to Country Fest

{10} Becoming a God Mama

{11} Becoming a real college student
{12} Starting Fearlessly Forward 
{13} Finishing my first semester of college

But most importantly... being blessed with another year of life with my dear friends and family...new and old. 

XOXO, Kara 


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