How to clean your makeup brushes!

Hey y'all! 
This is a blog post I had on one of my old pages, but I decided to move it here to FF so you all could see how I clean my makeup brushes! 

A dirty makeup brush does not work as well as a clean one because they carry germs, old makeup particles and the bristles are dirty and worn down! Using a dirty brush can also create and promote acne from the germs they carry, and nobody wants that! Now I know many people may use makeup brush cleaners, like Smashbox or even MAC, I myself even have some but let me tell you why I don't like them: What you use to clean your brushes should be gentle enough to apply to your skin, and cleaning your brushes is like washing your hair, you wouldn't wash with chemicals would you?! Brush cleaners tend to use some chemicals that your skin may be sensitive to. The products I use are safe to use on your skin, and depending on what kind of soap you use, it shouldn't aggravate sensitive skin!
Dirty Brushes!

*Antibacterial soap or dish soap (2 parts)
*Baby shampoo/ soap (1 part)
*Olive oil (1 part)
*A plate to mix your ingredients
*Paper towels for drying
Here's what I used:
Because I have sensitive skin, my dish soap is Palmolive soft touch with aloe, so it's gentle yet effective, and I highly recommend it for cleaning your brushes! (It smells great too!)
1. Mix 2 parts dish soap, 1 part baby shampoo, and 1 part olive oil. I used tablespoon increments.
The soap works to deep clean your brushes as the olive oil works to keep the bristles smooth and soft!

2. Clean 1 brush at a time:
-Scrub and swirl your brush on the plate.
-Under warm, running water: Swirl the brush in the palm of your hand, cleaning all the bristles completely, as well as the handle of the brush (germs accumulate there too!)
-Rinse brush completely
-Place temporarily on a dry paper towel as you finish cleaning the rest of your brushes

3. When all of your brushes are clean, keep them on a paper towel with the bristles hanging over an edge so they don't deform as they dry.

All clean and drying!

Without a good deep cleaning of my brushes every once in a while, I would forget that the tip of my MAC 130 is not actually foundation color, but white! I like to clean my brushes about once every 2 weeks, however you can do it as often as you like (the more often the better)! The mixture I made was the perfect amount to clean about 10-15 brushes of various sizes! 
Long live your brushes and happy cleaning everybody!

XOXO, Kara 


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